Taylor Lautner Prays for John Mayer in TikTok Post Set to Taylor Swift’s ‘Dear John’ (Video)

In case you didn’t believe Taylor Lautner when he said he’s praying for John Mayer ahead of the re-release of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now,” Lautner has provided video evidence.

Lautner’s wife, whose name is also Taylor, posted the video to her TikTok account @taysqueezeslemons with the hashtag #prayforjohn. She advertised the video in her Instagram story with a link captioned “Tap here to pray for John.”

In the video, which is set to Swift’s “Dear John,” the “Twilight” actor gets down on his knees in a white bathrobe and puts his hands together in prayer for the “New Light” singer, who is believed to have inspired the almost seven-minute ballad.

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Lautner also unfolds his hands and raises them upward to continue his joking prayer.

On the “Today” show Tuesday when asked how he feels in anticipation of Swift’s rerecorded third album, which will release July 7, he didn’t seem too concerned with any songs popping up about him. He is believed to have inspired “Back to December,” which is tame compared to Swift’s songs that reference context clues to John Mayer.

“I think it’s a great album. Yeah, I feel safe,” he said, according to Today.com. “Praying for John.”

Swift briefly dated Lautner in the “Speak Now” era, or 2009, before she dated John Mayer. Her recent song “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” calls back to when she was 19 years old, the age she was when she dated Mayer.

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She also referenced this same age in “Dear John,” and the Swifties expect more potential lyrics about Mayer from the six additional vault songs. The vault holds songs Swift wrote for her various albums, but that didn’t make the final cut.

Since Lautner’s words on “Today,” many fans have reacted positively, praising him as Taylor Swift’s best ex-boyfriend.

And since the announcement of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” many have joked how the spotlight will pass from Jake Gyllenhaal to John Mayer.