Finally, Some Good News! Taylor Swift pays Toronto woman's tuition

Finally, Some Good News! Taylor Swift pays Toronto woman's tuition

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Taylor Swift pays Toronto student’s tuition

One Toronto student will have one fewer thing to fret over when the fall semester starts, and it’s all thanks to Taylor Swift.

As Doug Ford’s Conservatives cut OSAP funding to many eligible students, people like Ayesha Khurram were worried they wouldn’t be able to afford their schooling.

Khurram, an accounting and financial management student at University of Waterloo, could not turn to her parents for help — they work low-paying jobs in Mississauga and her mom has a chronic kidney disease.

So she turned to the internet, setting up a PayPal account for people to help out with school expenses. Hours later, she got a notification about a payment made to her account — for $6,386.47, from singer Taylor Swift.

“Ayesha, get your learn on girl!” the message signed “Taylor” read. “I love you!”

“I have no words and I can’t stop crying,” Khurram wrote on Instagram.

That’s a hell of a way to start the school year!

Twitter helps former child refugee find man who helped her family

A former child refugee posted a “longshot” request on Twitter: When Mevan Babbakar was 5, a man who worked at a refugee camp in the Netherlands bought her a bike. She just wanted to know his name.

With some luck and the power of the social platform — more than 8,000 people shared her tweet — “WE FOUND HIM,” she posted just one day later.

“This is Egbert. He’s been helping refugees since the ‘90s,” Babbakar wrote about the man she was reunited with just 36 hours after her call for help.

Babbakar, 29 and now living in London, said this experience gives her hope for child refugees around the world.

It’s Janet! Miss Jackson leaves fan speechless

It’s the kind of Father’s Day gift this dad will remember forever.

In June KB Strawder Jr. gifted him with tickets to see Janet Jackson perform in Las Vegas. What Dad didn’t know was there was a second part to his gift — meeting the legend herself.

In a video posted to Twitter that’s been viewed more than 8 million times, the docile dad is seen and heard talking about the music icon he so admires.

“That was a highlight for me, just seeing her on stage,” he says, as Jackson lurks behind him. She slowly reaches around him to say, “that’s really sweet” as Dad gasps at the unbelievable moment.

He proceeds to thank her profusely. Fans online admire him for keeping his composure. Who wouldn’t freak out at that? Like something closer to when he found out he was going to Vegas in the first place ...

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