Team Secret crowned 2024 Asia-Pacific Predator League VALORANT Champions with sweep over FAV Gaming

Team Secret didn't drop a single map en route to winning their first championship since 2022.

Team Secret are the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League VALORANT Champions (Photo: Acer)
Team Secret are the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League VALORANT Champions (Photo: Acer)

Filipino VALORANT squad Team Secret have claimed the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League VALORANT championship title with a dominant romp through the competition from 11 to 14 January culminating with a 2-0 sweep over Japanese team FAV Gaming on Sunday (14 January).

Team Secret came in as a direct invite to the tournament where they faced other teams in Group D of the Group Stage, where they stomped the other teams No Salary Peak, Ender Dragon, and Todak.

They then faced Vietnamese squad Team Flash in Haven, where they nearly stomped the first half with a 10-2, and closing it out with a 3-2 to win the series 13-4.

At the Grand Finals, they faced Japanese team FAV Gaming, the team that upset BOOM Esports 13-7 in the Semifinals.

The first match occurred in Breeze, where Secret had a close first half against FAV Gaming 7-5. However, they were widen their gap against the enemy team 6-2 in the second half.

The second match on Haven was even more of a stomp, where they defeated FAV Gaming 11-1. So it only took Secret two more games to close out the series 13-3 and claim the championship.

With their victory, Team Secret claimed US$65,000, which is the lion’s share of the US$100,000 prize pool. This is also their first championship title since the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour Philippines Stage 2 Challengers.

Meanwhile, FAV Gaming bow out of the competition in 2nd place, taking home US $20,000 in consolation.

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