Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed on who turned down roles on the show

nick mohammed, ted lasso season 3
Ted Lasso star on who turned roles on the showApple TV+

Ted Lasso is such a huge and well-loved show that you reckon most people would jump at the chance to be in the show. But that's not the case.

Nick Mohammed, who plays the treacherous Nate Shelley, has revealed who turned down roles on the football drama series.

During a recent appearance on the Off Menu podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, the actor shared that his real-life parents could have had roles on Ted Lasso but both had to turn them down. Well, one of them wanted to do it, but the other said no for the both of them.

nick mohammed, ted lasso season 3
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"They were offered [it]. Theo Park, who casts Ted Lasso, brilliant casting director, always likes to honour someone's heritage for authenticity," Mohammed said.

"This was at the point where they didn't know that Nate's parents were gonna be in it, but when it became that they were gonna pop up again in season 2 — and I don't think this is a spoiler, but they obviously do pop up again in season 3 — suddenly we started having these conversations and Theo was like: 'Nick, would your mum and dad be up for it?'

"So I did put it to them, and they're retired now — my mum was a GP and dad was a solicitor — so they're not actors or performers in any sense. [...] My dad was up for it, my mum was not, and refused for him to do it."

nick mohammed, jason sudeikis, ted lasso, season 3
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Mohammed also joked that he gets a lot of messages over the Ted Lasso season two finale, saying: "I get a flak of flak on Twitter, from people who don't realise it's fiction."

He then joked that the ending of season two was so intense that perhaps season three should end with Ted Lasso's head getting chopped off and Nate going to join Liverpool. The actor did recently say that he thinks Ted Lasso should have a spin-off, so we can see maybe half of that happening...

Ted Lasso season 3 drops new episodes every week on Apple TV+.

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