Teen found dead in trunk of boyfriend’s car at north Wichita apartment, police say

A 19-year-old Wichita woman was found dead in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car on Saturday at his north Wichita apartment, police spokesperson Juan Rebolledo said.

Alexander Lewis was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, Rebolledo said, adding that the police are not yet releasing the victim’s name until her family has been notified.

Police identify woman found dead in trunk of boyfriend’s car at north Wichita apartment

He said she has no obvious signs of trauma.

Lewis was cooperative with police when they went to his apartment in the 7600 block of East 21st, Rebolledo said, adding the victim was found in his car that was in front of his apartment.

Police were originally dispatched after a 911 operator in North Carolina reported getting a call from a woman who said her son may have harmed his girlfriend, Rebolledo said.

Rebolledo said Wichita police responded at 11:08 a.m. and went to two addresses: the one in the 7600 block of East 21st, where he lives, and in the 3900 block of East 17th, where she lives.

Police arrived by 11:27 a.m., Rebolledo said, and then found the woman in the trunk. They did CPR, but she was pronounced dead around noon, Rebolledo said.

Rebolledo said there is speculation that she may be pregnant, but does not appear to be, though an autopsy will later determine that for sure.

This appears to be at least the city’s 30th homicide so far this year, based on a database The Eagle keeps up on homicides reported by police. There were 27 homicides at this time last year.