Teenager slams boyfriend’s mom over ‘highly invasive’ dating rule: ‘She shouldn’t have asked me that’

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A teenager is sparking a wave of internet outrage after sharing the “highly invasive” demand she received from her boyfriend’s mom.

The 18-year-old, who explained her dilemma in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, described how her first-ever time meeting her boyfriend’s parents turned into a full-on conversation about birth control.

“During dinner, we were talking and his mother asked me if I was on the pill right in front of my boyfriend, his twin brother and his father,” the Redditor explained.

Ultimately, that question led to the boyfriend’s mother telling the teen that she would “have” to start taking birth control if she wanted to continue dating her son.

‘I kind of snapped’

The teenager went on to explain that she was “embarrassed” by the question, especially since it had been asked in front of her boyfriend’s entire family. However, she still responded, telling the mother that she was not on birth control.

“[His mom] said that I would have to go [birth control] it if I wanted to date her son and that I would need to prove that I was on it next time I met her,” the 18-year-old wrote.

After the awkward exchange, the teenager announced she was going to leave, which caused her boyfriend’s mother to say she was overreacting and “being rude.”

“At this point I kind of snapped and told her that it was a very personal question and she shouldn’t have asked me that in front of everybody,” the Redditor wrote. “And that if she had asked me in private maybe it would be different.”

‘None of her business’

The post, which earned more than 700 comments in less than a day, seemed to enrage many Redditors, the majority of whom sided with the teenager.

Several wrote that the mom was being “disrespectful” by even asking about such a sensitive topic.

“Your medical information is none of her business, and ESPECIALLY not the entire dinner table’s business,” one user wrote. “And even MORE not her business when she’s meeting someone for the first time.”

Others seemed more shocked by the fact that the mother felt comfortable dictating her son’s dating life, calling her behavior “controlling.”

“The mom was completely out of line. If she’s concerned about her son getting a girl pregnant young then she needs to ensure that she’s taught HIM how to use condoms,” one commenter suggested.

Many seemed to echo the idea that the mom should be more concerned about her son’s safe sex practices, not those of his girlfriend. Ultimately, the vast majority of Redditors deemed the teenage “NTA (Not The A******)” in this situation.

“NTA, it’s for you and your BF to discuss and arrange together. I hope your BF has stands up to his interfering mother!” another user wrote.

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