Tell us: What issue's most important to you in the Ontario election?

With election day looming and polling stations open for early voting, Ontario’s three major political leaders will face each other in one final, crucial debate on May 27.

A lot has changed since NDP leader Andrea Horwath, Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne and Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford participated in this election’s first televised debate on May 7.

Recent polls show  a surge in support for the NDP, which at 47 per cent compared to the PC’s 33 per cent, would likely have formed a majority government if the election were to have taken place on May 25.

Wynne and Ford have responded by attempting to put Horwath on the defensive, with the Progressive Conservatives alleging an NDP candidate in Scarborough made comments online quoting Adolf Hitler, and the Liberals labelling the party “too risky, too radical.”

This new dynamic between the leaders will likely be on display tonight as each candidate tries to make the most of the 90-minute-long final debate, whether by hurting each other’s credibility or trying to defend their own.

As the final debate —  and Ontario election — approaches, Yahoo Canada News wants to know what your main priorities are. What issue is most important as you contemplate how to cast your vote in June? Vote in the poll above!