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(Labour-Politics) (Audio: 065)

The Canadian Labour Congress has not invited Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to speak at an Ottawa meeting designed to plot strategy ahead of the next federal election.

While polls suggest Poilievre's affordability message is resonating with workers, C-L-C president Bea Bruske (BRUH'-sk) says his history of supporting back-to-work legislation makes him hostile to labour.

She told delegates -- quote -- "We must do everything in our power to expose Mr. Pierre Poilievre for the fraud that he is'' adding Poilievre is not a friend of the working class. (10)



NATO Secretary General Jens (YENS) Stoltenberg and European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell are urging G-7 foreign ministers to take quick, concrete steps to provide more air defence systems and artillery to Ukraine.

They are warning that without more Patriot air defence missile systems, the Russians will destroy Ukraine's electricity system.

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly and the other ministers are also discussing surging tensions in the Middle East over Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel over the weekend. (10)



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is remembering the 22 people killed four years ago in Nova Scotia by a gunman dressed as a Mountie.

He says there is strength in the spirit and resilience of the survivors, the victims' families and all Nova Scotians affected by the tragedy.

The gunman killed 13 people in Portapique (port-ah-PIHK'), escaped as R-C-M-P officers converged on the area, then shot and killed another nine people the next day.

Police finally killed 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman at a gas station north of Halifax. (10)


(Ont-Legis-Keffiyeh) (Audio: 061)

Speaker Ted Arnott's ban on keffiyehs (keh-FEE'-yehz) being worn in the Ontario legislature will stand.

An N-D-P motion to allow the scarves that have come to symbolize solidarity with Palestinians failed after it did not receive unanimous consent.

Premier Doug Ford and the opposition leaders want Arnott to reverse his decision, but he says the keffiyeh meets the definition of items trying to make an overtly political statement. (10)


(Killer-Whale-Calf) (Audio: 059)

A military veteran from Nanaimo, B-C is hoping a stranded female killer whale calf will hear her violin and swim out of a remote tidal lagoon to join her family pod.

Carol Love plans to keep standing on a bridge every high tide in the hope the young orca will pass under it and swim to freedom in the open ocean.

She says it's time to think out of the box as rescue teams plan another attempt to net the calf and relocate it. (10)



Fossils found near a coal mine in India reveal an ancient giant snake that might have been longer than a school bus.

The monster snake that lived 47-million years ago was between 11 and 15 metres long, and probably ate catfish, turtles, crocodiles and primitive whales.

It lived in western India's swampy evergreen forests and could have weighed up to one-thousand kilograms. (10)


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