Tesla software download gives us world's first drivable survival igloo

Electric cars have taken the world by storm. Rechargeable vehicles allow us to drive from one place to another without creating carbon emissions as we travel. No longer reliant on fossil fuels, owners can drive past the gas pumps without all the panic and frustration at the rising prices. Gone are the feelings of contributing to the complex politics of buying oil from other countries. But the debate over the benefits and disadvantages rages on. Each answer that we think we have found leads to more questions about the true environmental impact and the world's ability to produce energy needed to power these new vehicles. One thing is certain. Tesla has been at the forefront of this debate and they have been providing their owners with software upgrades to increase the features and the appeal of their brand of electric vehicles. Tesla came out with a downloadable software package just before Christmas. Provided free, it allowed the car owners to make their car play a Christmas melody while the lights and moveable features of the car adjusted in sync to the music. It delighted most people, and it drew criticism from those who thought it was needless and obnoxious because it served no practical purpose. In answer to the critics' response, Tesla has now come out with a software download that is far more functional and practical. Not only will it save the owners a lot of money because they can live in the car or use it for winter holidays, but it will also serve as a survival aid. Opponents of the electric car industry have been questioning all along what would happen to an electric car owner in the event that they were stranded due to weather or a highway closure. People have asked if the car occupants would perish without any ability to heat the interior of the car. Well none of that matters now since we have been provided with the perfect solution. It's the Igloo Survival Mode. At the push of a button, owners download the software that will turn the car into an igloo. Surrounded by snow, owners and passengers are insulated from the elements. There is even a virtual fireplace in the car that is synched with the heater, blowing warm air in a convincing manner to make you feel like you are cozy and warm in front of a winter fire. All of this comes just in time, following record breaking snowfalls in Canada. Haven't we all wanted an igloo that we could take wherever w go. It seems that, with this added feature, we now have even more reason to love these electric vehicles.