Texas GOP Sues Its Lawyer Over Embarrassing Failed Election Challenges

Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images
Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images

The Republican Party of Texas is suing a lawyer for allegedly tricking its members—including 17 candidates actively running for election—into believing that the 2022 general election in Harris County was rigged against the GOP. According to The Houston Chronicle, Elizabeth Alvarez is accused by the party of lying about the existence of a “data model” which would prove that a shortage of paper ballots in the county was deliberately engineered to target Republican voters—despite the fact that such a model apparently never existed. Alvarez helped bring a spate of election challenges based on the false premise, almost all of which were dismissed. She was later tapped to help write a recently passed Texas election reform law. The defiant attorney denied the accusations in an interview with the Chronicle, saying the lawsuit is “full of nonsense.” “I guess no good deed goes unpunished,” she added. The Texas GOP is seeking to recoup at least $350,000 in legal fees and $1 million in damages, the newspaper reported.

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