He will say no, but Texas A&M must call this coach to replace Jimbo Fisher

The lacquer has not completely worn off Ralphie and all things University of Colorado, but Coach Prime is starting to look like a lot of other men who previously coached the Buffaloes.

After starting the season 3-0 en route to winning the national title, U.S. Open, Masters, 24 Hours at Daytona, the Tonys, Grammys, Oscars, Monaco Grand Prix and the Little League World Series, Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes are buffaloing their way to what will likely be a 4-8 record.

And he should still be the first phone call Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork makes when he begins the search to find the next head football coach in College Station.

Even if the answer is “Thanks but no thanks,” Bjork needs to hear it from the mouth that has no off switch.

According to oddsmakers, Deion is barely on the list of potential candidates to be the new Jimbo Fisher; Sportsline.com lists Deion as the 14th, and last, person to be considered for the job. For some reason, a lot of people are convinced Lane Kiffin will leave Ole Miss for A&M.

Deion may be the first and only coach who would finish with a 4-8 record in Power 5 football to be considered a viable candidate elsewhere at another top job.

Regardless of their record, given the amount of money Texas A&M spends on football, and specifically football coaches, the Aggies are a top job.

Whatever you think of the man, Deion Sanders as a college head coach is a candidate.

“Texas A&M head coach Jeff Traylor,” who by the way should also be a top candidate, would not scare people throughout the SEC. The same for Duke coach Mike Elko, who should also be a top candidate.

“Texas A&M head coach Deion Sanders” would scare the latest bowel movement right out of Bevo in Austin.

Why Deion to College Station “Fits”

Ours is a “Now” world where relevance equals success. Ask Deion’s former boss, Dallas Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones about this; no one in this universe, short of the Kardashians and a certain Trump, understands that relevance by any means equates achievement.

Once you move beyond his hot air balloon of self promotion Deion is another power five head coach preaching one message while doing something to undercut it.

He cares about his players, yet has zero problem saying he will run them off to “find better ones” if the current crew can’t cut it. Zero mention of developing, learning through hardship and experience. Just, “They’re gone.”

At least he’s honest.

The messages in the locker room of Deion talking to his kids about life, and the “way it is?” Nearly every single coach does the same thing, and have been for 100 years.

Somehow Deion has convinced the world he invented it.

Behind a microphone, no coach in college sports is as charismatic, or captivating, as Deion.

Between the final two of his three year-stint at Jackson State, and this one season at Colorado, you should not have a hard time selling to a board, or fan base, that Deion is a qualified candidate to be the head coach at your school.

He can attract players. Colorado simply needs more of them; for the first time in a long time the Buffaloes look like they have a clue, and are competitive.

Deion is going to want his money, and while A&M will have to eat the $76 million on Jimbo Fisher’s contract, the next guy is not going to get a discount.

Ever since A&M moved to the SEC it has repeatedly demonstrated the only thing in this world that matters is winning football games. Money is water to Aggies, and the A&M people have a pipeline to Gulf of Mexico.

Why Deion to College Station may not “fit”

Deion is currently coaching two of his kids, quarterback Shedeur and defensive back Shilo. Both are expected to return to CU for the 2024 season.

As full of it as Deion is, it’s hard to see him leaving Colorado before his two sons’ respective careers in Boulder are complete.

If Shedeur and Shilo want to follow their dad to a new job, NCAA rules prohibit what would be Shedeur’s third school and Shilo’s fourth.

A&M AD Ross Bjork may indeed have a hard time selling to his Aggies that a head coach who has four wins on his resume as a Power 5 head coach is the guy. Because Deion is not like any other coaching candidate. Ever.

Deion brings with him an 18-wheeler packed full of Luis Vuitton luggage that is not criminal. It’s just Deion.

Any school that hires Deion has to be OK with the “cultural” element that he will bring to your campus. From Lil Wayne to other entertainers associated with hip hop culture, they’re going to be on the sideline cheering on A&M, because they’re friends with Deion.

It’s the same thing with Matthew McConaughey at all things University of Texas.

In short time there is a good chance A&M, like Colorado, will become the team that the African-American community will support.

The same phenomena happened to Georgetown basketball under John Thompson. Miami football under Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson. UNLV basketball under Jerry Tarkanian.

That may not be what A&M wants.

What we do know is A&M wants is to win football games, and it will pay Escobarian sums of money to make that possible.

This hire will determine Ross Bjork’s fate at Texas A&M, and while it’s a long shot he needs to make Deion Sanders answer the question, “Do you want to coach the Aggies?”