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The 2023 Amazon Echo Show 8 is back down to its record-low price of $90

Amazon's newest Echo Show 8 supports spatial audio and Adaptive Content.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

Amazon upgraded its Echo Show 8 display late last year to give it a sleeker design and faster Alexa responses, and you can get it right now at the lowest price we've seen it hit. The third-gen, 2023 Echo Show 8 is 40 percent off on Amazon, bringing it down to just $90. It normally costs $150. The display comes in two colors, Charcoal and Glacier White, and the discount applies to both.

Get the latest Echo Show 8 for 40 percent off. 

$150 at Amazon

The 2023 Echo Show 8 brought upgrades inside and out to the smart home gadget. It has spatial audio with room calibration that should make for much fuller sound than the previous models were able to achieve. The improvements carry over to video calling, which benefits from crisper audio and a 13-megapixel camera.

Amazon debuted its new Adaptive Content feature alongside the 2023 Echo Show 8, which changes what’s shown on the screen based on where you are in the room. If you’re standing far away, it’ll display easily digestible information in large font, like the weather or news headlines. As you get closer, it’ll switch to a more detailed view. It can also show personalized content for anyone enrolled in visual ID, surfacing your favorite playlists and other content.

The Echo Show 8 also boasts 40 percent faster response times for Alexa thanks to its upgraded processor. For privacy-conscious buyers, it has a physical camera shutter that’s controlled with a slider on the top of the device, so you know for sure that it’s not watching. There’s also a button to turn off the mic and camera.

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