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The latest Xbox controllers feature a nifty bowling ball aesthetic

Far out, man.


The Xbox Design Lab is neat in that you can customize the colors of your controller pretty much however you like. Microsoft is offering players more customization options for their Xbox controller with the Vapor series. These six top case options have swirling color patterns that will provide your peripheral with your ideal look if you're aiming for that bowling ball aesthetic.

The variants include Nocturnal Vapor, which blends dark green and grey; the bold pink and purple Cyber Vapor; and the red and orange Fire Vapor. You'll still be able to customize the button colors and swap in metallic triggers and D-pads, and rubberized side and back grips. Players can add a personalized engraving to the case too.

Xbox Dream Vapor controller with pink and purple swirls and buttons.
Xbox Dream Vapor controller with pink and purple swirls and buttons. (Xbox)

Those who don't feel like fiddling around in the Design Lab but still want a controller with this kind of vibe can pick up the latest Xbox special edition controller, the Dream Vapor. While it uses the pink and purple top case from the Vapor collection, Xbox has included unique, matching purple rubberized side grips and soft pink ABXY buttons with purple accents. Snap up the $70 controller and you'll also get an exclusive dynamic background for your Xbox Series X/S.

It's not exactly the first time Xbox has embraced this vibe. The Stormcloud Vapor controller has been around for a while. But the fact Microsoft is wading further into these swirly waters has us suspecting there's perhaps a really big Pete Weber fan on the Xbox team.