The Rush: NFL head coach voices support of on-field protests

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It’s Wednesday, June 3, 2020 and here’s how the sports world is reacting to the nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd:

  • Many athletes and teams participated in Blackout Tuesday including the San Francisco 49ers, which caused beef with one former player.

  • NFL coaches evolve as Sean McVay became the first to support on-field protests while Sean Payton appears to have taken a political side.

  • Rob Manfred is the only commissioner of the four major sports to have remained silent as MLB has yet to comment on the protests.

  • An email sent to MSG employees by Knicks owner James Dolan asked that they keep their opinions about the protest to themselves.

  • PLUS: Tiger Woods shanked his response to the protests, a few Minnesota Vikings aren’t happy with the NFL, and Jim Harbaugh takes to the streets. 

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