Think outside the chocolate box for Valentine's Day gifts

Think outside the chocolate box for Valentine's Day gifts

Oh sure, you could do the same old box of chocolates and a bottle of wine for Valentine's Day. But lifestyle blogger Sasha DeVoretz is urging us to be a little more memorable in our intentions.

"Experiences have more emotional impact than gifts alone." she told CBC's Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko.

Among her favourite ideas: Ancestry DNA kits, which she says offer the gift of knowledge. allows gift-givers to book exotic romantic accommodations such as castles, tree houses and yachts. And has a rendezvous app for couples who live apart and want to meet half way.

DeVoretz's partner is originally from Regina. She is from Vancouver.

The couple found Calgary to be a great spot to meet half way and experience things together.

If you still prefer to give a packaged gift, DeVoretz offers in-home spa suggestions for yourself or your loved one. She suggests trying out Rejuveniqe Lite, a vegan-friendly essential oil for the entire body.

DeVoretz loves the idea of a heartfelt note to accompany any gift you give — a personal touch that may be saved as a keepsake for years to come.

When it comes to dating, she urges people to make a follow-up call afterward, out of respect, and to let the other person know where you are at with the relationship.

And don't forget to keep the first dates light and fun.

"Think about bowling," she said.