'This is the best gift I ever got': Birthday present turns into $200K lotto win for Ontario woman

Beverley Dakins wasted no time to share the good news.

With the big jackpot, the Elliot Lake resident already has a set of plans to look forward to. (Courtesy: OLG)
With the big jackpot, the Elliot Lake resident already has a set of plans to look forward to. (Courtesy: OLG)

Beverley Dakins of Elliot Lake, Ont., found herself stunned when a birthday gift turned into a life-changing $200,000 lottery win. The unexpected windfall came from an Instant 20x Supreme (Game #2204).

“This ticket was a birthday present,” said Dakins, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her winnings. “I was stunned when I saw I won big!”

Dakins, a 65-year-old who typically enjoys playing Instant Bingo and Crossword once a month, never imagined that a birthday gift would lead to such a significant prize. She wasted no time in sharing her excitement with her best friend.

“This is the best gift I ever got,” said Dakins. “I instantly called my bestie and said, ‘You need to come see this!’ It’s a very exciting feeling. It’s just unbelievable!”

As someone who works in payroll, Dakins has already started making plans for her newfound fortune. She intends to share her winnings with her family and finally pay off her mortgage. The question remains whether she’ll extend her generosity to the person who gifted her the winning ticket.

Instant 20x Supreme, a $20 game with odds of winning at 1 in 3.27, offers players the chance to scratch and uncover symbols that match the automatic Lucky Numbers across 11 game rounds. From Games 1-6, players have to uncover at least three identical symbols to secure the respective prize that increases each round. During Games 7 to 11, players must uncover at least five identical symbols in order to win the corresponding prizes.

The winning ticket, purchased at West River Convenience on River Road in Wasaga Beach, is a reminder of how unpredictable and exciting lottery games can be. Life-changing moments can emerge from the most unexpected sources, like a birthday gift.

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