Thrilling ride on 'Leviathan', Canada's tallest roller coaster

The Leviathan is the pride of Canada's Wonderland, the biggest theme park in the country. It is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada and it is ranked number eight in the world. It peaks at 93.3m high (306 feet) and rockets thrill seekers around a track that measures 1.67km (1 mile) in length. The top speed is 148 km/h (92mph) and guests are treated to twists and turns as well as a section that is a banked to a near inversion. This is one of the world's most thrilling rides! The story behind the construction is quite a tale. The park was determined to have the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the country and the company that builds these tracks was tasked with a job that was bigger and more challenging than any that they had undertaken in the past. The honour of the first ride on the record-breaking thrill ride was auctioned off to participants willing to pay a price that was almost as steep as the first drop. The total raised was $40,000 which was donated to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, a world renowned medical centre that accomplishes small miracles every day. This generous act is as impressive as the feat of creating such a massive thrill ride for roller coaster enthusiasts who come here from all around the world.