Thundery weekend likely before autumn weather arrives

Much of the UK could see thunderstorms this weekend, before autumn weather arrives next week, the Met Office has said.

But some areas, particularly in the South, could get a final blast of summer heat if they avoid the showers as temperatures remain high.

National severe weather warnings are possible as humid air moves northwards, bringing the risk of thunderstorms, the Met Office warned.

On Saturday, the country will be split, with southern areas getting a dry start, while further north it will be cloudy.

There is a threat of some showers forming in the South and West with the chance of thunder, but as the day goes on, it should be dry across the country.

Humidity could make for an uncomfortable night in the South, but in parts of rural Scotland, clear skies could result in frosts and temperatures dropping below zero.

Met Office meteorologist Ellie Glaisyer said: “It will be a cloudy start for central and northern parts of the UK.

“For the South East it will it will be a dry start to the morning.

“Later on in the day, it should be dry for most places, but it will be sunniest in the South East and in the north of Scotland.

“Temperatures of 27C are possible in the South East, but in the north it will feel cooler, with temperatures staying in the mid teens.

“It will be a mild and humid night in the South which could make for uncomfortable sleeping.

“But in rural Scotland there will be less cloud cover – we could see frosts with temperatures dropping to minus 1C overnight.

“On Sunday there will be widespread thunderstorms, but it will start to get drier as the day goes on.

“We could see temperatures reach 24C in the South. In Scotland the temperatures will remain in the mid teens.”

Unsettled weather on Monday and into next week will see temperatures return to the average for the time of year, and it will “start to feel fresher, and much more autumnal”.