TikToker Reesa Teesa Shares New Details on Marital Mess to 'Pathological Liar' from Her Viral 'Who TF Did I Marry' Series

Reesa amassed millions of views for 52-part series detailing her divorce from a man she calls Legion

<p>Good Morning America/YouTube</p> Reesa Teesa

Good Morning America/YouTube

Reesa Teesa

TikTok's latest viral star is talking about how her relationship disaster resonated with millions.

Reesa Teesa — the woman behind the hit 52-part series Who TF Did I Marry? which has amassed millions of views on TikTok — appeared on Good Morning America on Monday to talk about the experience.

"Ultimately, I decided, 'If you're going to tell this story, tell the whole story,' " she said on GMA. "I also really, truly believe the story will help somebody."

Reesa talked about meeting her ex-husband — who she refers to as Legion — and recounted that he "was funny, was personable" before eventually revealing himself to be what she called a "pathological liar."

She said, "This was a guy who I really, after having multiple conversations with, felt like, 'Wow, you know, 'Where have you been?' "

(For his part, her ex-husband has appeared on a YouTube video rebutting her account.)

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In the series, Reesa explains that pandemic shutdown moved the relationship along, with Legion moving in with her. During that time, he positioned himself as a "provider," paying bills in her home. "I had never in my life experienced that before," Reesa said.

The two went on to get married in January 2021 after a miscarriage drew them closer together. By the end of that month, Reesa says she "knew I was in serious trouble."

The TikToker says there were red flags throughout the relationship, but she ignored them for reasons that were her own. "Every 'I love you' was a lie. Every 'I got you' was a lie," she said. "That does something to you mentally."

She says she went on to find out that not only was he lying about his job and financial situation, but he had a criminal past. "There was never an executive assistant. You were never in a meeting. You just simply did not take me to the hospital when I lost our child," she said of his actions.

Legion has not returned PEOPLE's request for comment. He did, however, say his piece in a March 2 interview with Simply Wavy on YouTube, refuting the claims made by Reesa. He claimed that it was Reesa who was unfaithful and said he was exploring his legal options as a result of the viral series.

After six months of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. Reesa said she has been changed by the events as they unfolded. "I don't really get excited anymore ... I am terrified to get excited because I went through a whole year and some change of getting excited only for it to be stripped away," she said, per GMA.

She added, "I do still believe in love. I do still believe in marriage. I ... do still want that."

Reesa also revealed that she's sought therapy to deal with the overwhelming ordeal. "It is still very much a journey of healing, self-reflection and simply, loving myself way more than to put myself through that, or anything even like that, ever again," she said.

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