A TikToker sparked a debate about where to put your carry-on bags on planes, saying that only the locker above your seat is fair game

Woman using plane overhead locker
A woman puts her luggage in a plane's overhead bin (stock photo).Patchareeporn Sakoolchai/Getty Images
  • A TikToker sparked a debate on where people should store carry-on luggage on a plane.

  • "Don't place your carry-on in row 8 on your way to row 26," the creator said.

  • Some thought it was only OK to place it above your own seat, whereas others were more flexible.

A TikToker sparked a fierce debate with his firm opinion about where passengers should place their carry-on luggage on an airplane.

Photographer Emem, who doesn't share his surname on his social media, posted the TikTok at the end of January asserting that passengers should only keep their bags near where they are sitting.

The post was made in January, but has been amassing large numbers of comments and shares since then.

"Don't place your carry-on in row 8 on your way to row 26," he wrote on the video from a plane seat, looking at the camera in annoyance. It has been viewed more than 400,000 times. He added in the caption that people should also put their purses and jackets under the seat in front "like you're supposed to!"

@eye.be.okay And put your purse/jacket under your seat like youre supposed to! #travel #airlinetiktok #boarding ♬ Elevator Music - Bohoman

The video racked up hundreds of comments from people expressing their own opinion, with a clear divide. While some people agreed with Emem and thought it was only appropriate to place carry-on luggage above your own seat, others said they take whatever space they can get.

"OMG it bothers me so much," one person said. "Like 1 carry-on per person, and need to put it in your row. People be shoving 10 things up there too."

Another said it was "so frustrating" to get to their seat and see that their whole storage locker was full.

One commenter praised Emem, saying: "I'm glad you get it!!!"

"I'm mad that I have to 'get it,'" Emem responded. "Basic human empathy and common courtesy."

However, not everyone agreed. Some said they took any locker they could find because it was so difficult to find any space on a plane at all.

"You place it wherever it fits," one recent comment reads. Another said "Spots aren't reserved. Duh."

One person who said they were a flight attendant also disagreed, saying "if there's space, use it."

"Saves us time hunting for space at the end of boarding," they said.

A video recently posted on Reddit showed a group of people arguing over who should get to use the space in the overhead lockers.

Travel Editor of Inside Hook, Lindsay Rogers, then wrote in an op-ed that the rules are actually very clear: "Overhead storage is available on a first-come, first-served basis."

"So while it may be annoying, particularly when someone has room above their own seat and still, for reasons unclear, has opted for yours, or when you're invariably forced to check your carry-on because there's no more space on the aircraft, you aren't entitled to anything," Rogers wrote.

"Further, it is never, ever okay to move someone else's bag."

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