Tilly Ramsay is racking up millions of views on TikTok by 'rating' her dad Gordon Ramsay on vacation

A picture of Tilly Ramsay next to two screenshots of Gordon from her TikToks
Tilly Ramsay has 10.3 million TikTok followers.Tilly Ramsay via TikTok and Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
  • Tilly Ramsay is a 20-year-old TikTok star and daughter of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

  • Tilly has received millions of views on videos where she "rated" her dad on vacation.

  • It's part of a broader TikTok trend where creators rate family members and friends throughout a day.

TikToker Tilly Ramsay, who often posts dances and challenges with her celebrity chef father Gordon Ramsay, keeps receiving millions of views on videos where she "rates" him based on his behavior on vacation.

On TikTok, "rating" other people is a popular comedic video format that involves giving the other person a score out of 10 for how well they've completed an activity that day. People often post videos with themes like "rating my girlfriend throughout the day" or "rating my boyfriend on a beach trip."

@tillyramsay Rating my dad 2.0 - airport edition ✈️✈️ @Gordon Ramsay #fyp #ratingmydad ♬ mario sound - mandycap

On April 10, Tilly, who has 10.3 million TikTok followers, posted a video with an on-screen caption that read, "Rating my dad at the airport." She said Gordon would not let her go to Itsu (a British chain of Japanese-inspired fast food) before boarding the flight, and "only wanted his own food," filming the 55-year-old chef holding a menu for Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, a restaurant owned by Ramsay in Heathrow Airport in London. She gave her dad a score of -5/10 because of this.

She also gave him scores of -20/10 for rushing off through the airport ahead of her and 100/10 for supervising his three-year-old son Oscar as he pushed their bags on a luggage cart.

The video has 1.3 million views, and the majority of commenters seemed to enjoy watching the celebrity chef interacting with his children on TikTok. One comment with 534 likes said, "He seems like a genuinely great dad," and another comment with 43 likes said, "Gordon is just like every other dad."

Tilly posted a similar TikTok on January 3 with the caption, "Rating my dad on holiday." The video was filmed during the family's trip to the Maldives over the new year and has received 5 million views. She gave Gordon a score of 2/10 for starting off the holiday by lying down "jetlagged," but later gave him 1,000/10 points for dancing and getting into "party mode" for New Year's Eve.

@tillyramsay rating my dad on holiday @gordonramsayofficial #fyp ♬ mario sound - mandycap

Gordon Ramsay has a large following on TikTok himself, with 31 million followers on his account where he often reacts to recipe videos and posts cooking tutorials.

Tilly has also collaborated with her father outside of TikTok, appearing on "Masterchef," a cooking show which Gordon hosts, on several occasions, and more recently competing as a contestant on "Celebrity Masterchef Australia," — where Gordon appeared as a guest chef — finishing in second place.

Tilly has grown a large social media following and in October 2021 she competed in "Strictly Come Dancing," a UK television show similar to "Dancing with the Stars," becoming the ninth celebrity to leave the competition.

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