Tinder will let your family nag you and play virtual matchmaker

Tinder Matchmaker will essentially make dating a team sport.


Tinder has rolled out a new feature dubbed “Tinder Matchmaker” that will allow users’ family and friends to access the dating app and make recommendations for potential matches. The matchmakers do not need to have a Tinder profile to view or suggest possible pairings. Hypothetically, that means anyone from your grandmother to your ex-boyfriend could help you select a new profile to match with.

A Tinder user will need to launch a “Tinder Matchmaker session” either directly from a profile card or within the app’s settings. If you see a potential match, you can share a unique link with up to 15 individuals in a 24-hour period. Once a matchmaker gets a link, they can log into Tinder or continue as a guest.

A matchmaker will gain access to profiles they can “like” and if they do, it will appear as a recommendation for the original Tinder user to see. The matchmaker’s abilities are limited though. They can't send messages or actually swipe right on the profiles in question – ultimately, the Tinder user will decide whether or not to match with another.

“For years, singles have asked their friends to help find their next match on Tinder, and now we're making that so easy with Tinder Matchmaker," Melissa Hobley, Tinder's Chief Marketing Officer says on the new feature.

Bumble has a similar offering, where a user can recommend a profile to a friend through a private link that only they can open within the dating app. However, it’s more geared for one-on-one sharing compared to Tinder Matchmaker. Hinge, another key competitor, tried launching a separate Hinge Matchmaker app in 2017. Matchmakers on the Hinge spinoff were supposed to suggest potential pairings based on who the individuals knew personally from Facebook. That secondary app didn't last for Hinge – the app is no longer available.

Tinder’s matchmaker feature is just the latest offering from the company designed to entice more users to engage with the app in new ways. Verification on Tinder got a boost with video selfies, incognito mode finally was introduced earlier this year and the company just started letting Tinder users specify gender pronouns and non-monogamous relationship types.