Tire tracks lead rescuers to man missing for 5 days at bottom of Washington ravine

Tire tracks led rescuers to a man who had been missing for more than five days at the bottom of a ravine in Washington, fire officials said.

The 56-year-old man was found alive in his green truck Sunday, May 21, in Cowlitz County, according to Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue.

He drove off the road and plunged 150 feet down a steep and “heavily wooded” ravine before landing at the bottom, rescuers said.

No one knew where the man had gone for more than five days until residents spotted tire tracks leading to the ravine.

They also spotted a truck in the ravine that matched the description of the vehicle belonging to the missing man and reported it to rescuers, fire officials said.

“Firefighters hiked down the hill through waist-deep brush expecting the worst, but found the driver of the truck was still alive but severely injured and ill,” officials said.

He was then taken to a hospital.

Cowlitz County is in southwest Washington.

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