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November 17, 2023

Today on CNN10, a travel forecast for Thanksgiving week, which is expected to be the busiest in years. Then, Nepal is introducing a ban on TikTok. Finally, we’ll explain why a town in the Northern part of Alaska won’t see the sun for two months.


1. Which group of entertainment industry workers ended their 118-day strike?

2. Where did a volcanic eruption create a new island this week?

3. What prompted Iceland to declare the state of emergency this week?

4. Which US city will host the 2028 summer Olympics?

5. What type of buildings get special protection under international humanitarian law in a time of war?

6. What prompted some major retailers to start saying goodbye to self-checkout lines?

7. A collection of what stationary objects does a new Guinness world record holder from Iowa have?

8. A shortage of what is disrupting milk supply in public school cafeterias in some US states?

9. What South Asian country decided to ban TikTok this week?

10. The town of Utqiaġvik (formerly known as Barrow) in the Northern part of Alaska won’t see the sun for the next 2 months. What is the name of this annual phenomenon?

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