Tom Hardy Says There's A Good Reason His Biker Character In His New Film Sounds 'Like Bugs Bunny'

Tom Hardy in The Bikeriders
Tom Hardy in The Bikeriders Universal

Tom Hardy has opened up about some of the character choices he made for his new film The Bikeriders.

Speaking to Variety to promote the biker movie, which co-stars Austin Butler and Jodie Comer, the Inception star admitted he decided to step outside the box with his role to try and defy people’s expectations of the genre.

You look straight away at a biker movie and think, ‘Oh, it’s leather. It’s sexy. The music’s great. The hair’s great’,” he said.

“The obvious choice is to play to all of these. So the obvious choice for somebody like me is to go to the counterpoint of all those,” Tom continued, describing his character as a “tragic clown”.

Tom Hardy at a London screening of The Bikeriders last week
Tom Hardy at a London screening of The Bikeriders last week Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Reflecting on his creative process, the British actor recalled asking himself: “Where’s the pathetic element? Where’s the wretch? Where’s the embarrassing moments? Where’s the weaknesses? I need to flesh this guy out.

“Why is the voice a little bit creepy? Why is it a little like Bugs Bunny? What can we imbue this stud with that’s so un-studly that I can identify with it? Because I’m not that!”

Set in Chicago in the 1960s, The Bikeriders tells the story of a group of bikers called the Outlaws MC, as well as their families and loved ones.

Tom on set with co-star Austin Butler
Tom on set with co-star Austin Butler Universal

As well as Tom, Jodie and Austin, it also features appearances from two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon and Mike Faist, who recently starred opposite Zendaya and Josh O’Connor in the tennis drama Challengers.

The Bikeriders hits UK cinemas on Friday 21 June.