The top 10 best selling comic books of all time

By Brian Prowse-Gany

In celebration of National Superhero Day, Yahoo News counts down America’s top ten bestselling comic books of all time.

#10. The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #583 – 530,000 copies sold

This comic, featuring Spidey’s encounter with then President Barack Obama, became a must-have collectible after being highlighted on news programs around the country.

#9. The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #1 – 533, 000 copies sold

After a yearlong storyline that involved Doctor Octopus posing as Spider-Man, fans were more than happy to celebrate this back-to-basics approach to the friendly neighborhood wall crawler.

#8. Deathmate One Shots – 700, 000 copies sold

Comics in the ’90s were all about big shoulders, gritted teeth, and new creator-owned companies — like Image and Valiant, which joined forces for this mega-event.

#7. Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #60 – 752,000 copies sold

With a cover price of only 9 cents, even the most skeptical superhero fan couldn’t pass this one up.

#6. Star Wars (2015) #1 – 958,000 copies sold

The force is strong with Marvel’s relaunch of this epic franchise, released right after “The Force Awakens” opened in theaters around the world.

#5. Spawn #1 – 1.7 million copies sold

The book that jump-started the creator-owned comics revolution. Writer/artist Todd MacFarlane left Marvel to prove he could make it on his own …and he was right.

#4. Spider-Man (Vol. 1) – 2.5 million copies sold

With several variant covers, this comic broke all records, thanks to fan favorite Todd MacFarlane’s unique take on the ol web head.

#3. Superman (Vol. 2) – 3 million copies sold

The infamous “Death of Superman” storyline saw plenty of non-comic fans heading to their local shops to be a part of this historic moment.

#2. X-Force (Vol. 1) #1 – 5 million copies sold

Although many would make fun of the artwork, the sales of Rob Liefeld’s take on Marvel’s mutants was no laughing matter.

#1. X Men (Vol. 1) #1 – 7.1 million copies sold

Featuring five variant covers and the stunning artwork of Jim Lee, hungry fans bought multiple copies of this mutant milestone.