Top Five: Apps to Download for College Life

Top Five Apps to Download for College Life

As you start getting ready for school and are preparing for your college journey you may not be used to using some basic apps to collab with friends or even help pay a bill after going out to eat with friends. Here are some essential apps to download before school starts:

  1. Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, Paypal, etc: Going out to eat with a group of friends? Most likely one person will grab the check and pay for the group. The best and easiest way to pay them back is through a money transferring app. There are a bunch of apps in the app store so see what the people around you are using and give it a download!

  2. Facebook: Even though it may seem to be an older app, many schools post their official class pages, campus event information, and clubs you can join here. So, it is a good idea to make an account and join to stay up to date on everything that is happening..

  3. Messenger: It is actually the instant messaging app for Facebook, so if you already have a Facebook account, you can use this app as well! People use the app to make group chats for clubs, classes, and to find roommates because it is an easy way to communicate with new people.

  4. Discord: A lot of classes use Discord as a platform where students can message and chat among themselves about questions they have and receive help on confusing material. Get ahead now and download the app to figure out how the app works because there are many features that may take some time to understand.

  5. Google Calendar/Preferred Calendar: Since we are always carrying our phones with us, this app is perfect for an on the go planner where at any moment you can update your schedule. This is a good way to stay organized with not only your school schedule but also with your extracurricular activities. You can also share your calendar with your friends, so you can see if your free days and breaks align!

Written by Katherine Hung, Built By Girls Intern, 4th year at the University of California Davis