‘Topless’ bar employee slaps and spits on customer for not tipping, Florida cops say

One of the employees at a Florida “topless nightclub” was arrested on the job, after being accused of attacking a man for not tipping, according to investigators.

The customer was not seriously injured but did get hit in the face — twice — and spat on, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office said in an affidavit.

It happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 27, at Body Talk in Port St. Lucie, which bills itself as both a “topless nightclub” and sports bar. Port St. Lucie is about 110 miles north of Miami.

“The employees were upset (the victim) had not thrown any money at them, which is common practice at the establishment,” the sheriff’s office noted in the report.

“The victim had been purchasing alcoholic beverages from the establishment and (said) he did not see any signs stating it was mandatory to tip the employees. While speaking with an employee ... she slapped the victim twice and spit on him.”

A witness confirmed the incident and told a deputy one of the blows to the victim’s face involved a woman holding a handful of money, officials said.

Surveillance video led deputies to a 28-year-old suspect, who was seen sitting at a table with the victim just before striking him, officials said. She was also shown throwing a stack of money at the victim’s face, officials said.

The woman told investigators the customer had been going to other workers around the bar and insulting them, but said she was just “messing around” when she threw the cash.

“This is a place where money is thrown everywhere,” she was reported saying in the affidavit.

The suspect was arrested and charged with battery, officials said.

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