Toronto's 'professional tenant' found guilty of fraud for skipping out on rent for 2 years

A man sometimes referred to as Toronto's "professional tenant" was found guilty of fraud Tuesday after not paying rent at three high-end addresses since 2014.

James Regan was convicted on three counts of fraud over $5,000.

Regan, notorious for impressing landlords with his expensive clothes and professional demeanour and then refusing to pay when the rent comes due, was described as a "professional tenant" by a building manager who had dealings with him.

He was charged by police in August 2017 after complaints from several property owners.

Lucy Chik, Donna and Edward Latimer and Robin Ennis all accused Regan of not paying rent from November 2014 until November 2016.

Regan has had several brushes with the law. He's been accused in the past of hatching schemes to get free furniture and cars, although no charges were laid. He was alleged to have not paid for $18,000 worth of furniture, not returned a new car to a dealership after his credit application failed, and charged more than $700 to a man's credit card without permission.

In each case, Toronto police were contacted and in each case it was determined to be a civil matter.

He was also found not guilty in September 2017 of assaulting Chik after the landlord accused him of punching and kicking her during an argument over unpaid rent.

Regan will remain in custody until July 29 when he will appear in court for sentencing.