Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX officially recalled over side curtain airbags

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Following news of an impending recall of the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX series of utility vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released the official documentation surrounding the issue. Unfortunately, few additional details can be gleaned, as Toyota says "the remedy is currently under development."

For now, we know that the total number of vehicles included in this recall will be 145,254 in the U.S. Additional vehicles sold in other countries may also be subject to the same condition. According to documents posted by NHTSA, "The driver's side curtain air bag may not unroll as intended and could partially deploy outside of an open window."

As of now, only the Grand Highlander and TX are included in the recall. "Other Toyota and Lexus vehicles are not equipped with the same curtain shield airbag and do not have the same structure and components surrounding the airbag during deployment," Toyota says in its recall acknowledgement. "However, due to certain similarities to the Grand Highlander and TX, Toyota is confirming that the Toyota Highlander, a separate model also containing a driver’s side curtain shield airbag of a different design and with different surrounding structures, is not affected by the condition described in this report."

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