An Interstate 95 crash in Fort Lauderdale killed a Miami woman and injured three others

A Miami woman is dead, three other people were injured and Interstate 95 southbound was closed throughout Sunday morning near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after a six-car crash, Florida Highway Patrol said.

According to FHP’s description of the tragedy, the 23-year-old woman got out of her car to help after two other cars collided.

Suffering “incapacitating injuries” were a 41-year-old Doral man and a 7-year-old Doral boy, passengers in a 2015 Silver Cadillac ATS sedan along with a 34-year-old Doral woman. Her injuries were called “non-incapacitating.”

I-95 south reopened after several hours This all started, investigators say, just after 4 a.m. when a driver lost control of his 2019 Kia Forte just north of the Marina Mile Boulevard/State Rd. 84 exit.

The Kia smacked the inside wall and began heading across the highway. The Kia skidded to a stop across the two middle lanes, facing west with its passenger side exposed to being T-boned by oncoming traffic. The driver of a 2015 Mercedes GLA250, coming south in the outside middle lane, didn’t T-bone the Kia, but couldn’t avoid contact entirely, hitting the Kia on the front of its passenger side.

That collision knocked the Kia into the inside two lanes while the Mercedes careened into the outside lane. Meanwhile, the driver of a 2023 Kia Forte stopped in the one open lane, the outside middle lane, and got out of her car to help.

The Miami woman was standing outside the driver’s side of her car when, in the same outside middle lane, the Cadillac with the people from Doral slowed down so as not to hit the Miami woman’s stopped 2023 Kia. But the driver of a 2023 Lexus IS300 “did not slow or stop efficiently,” FHP said, and rear-ended the Cadillac. This knocked the Cadillac into the woman. Both the Cadillac and the woman hit her Kia then she hit the pavement.

The Cadillac continued to spin down the highway to a stop in the inside lane. The Lexus stopped in the inside middle lane, the crash leaving both cars facing the wrong direction.

A sixth driver, in a 2016 Ford Explorer, tried to miss the 2019 Kia Forte, but the passenger side of the SUV hit the Kia. The Ford Explorer careened into a concrete barrier, and smashed head-on into the stopped Cadillac.