How The Traitors became Britain’s most talked about TV series: The Standard podcast

Claudia Winkleman hosts the show (Ian West/PA) (PA Wire)
Claudia Winkleman hosts the show (Ian West/PA) (PA Wire)

Everyone is talking about The Traitors.

The BBC has said that series 2 has broken records to become the biggest entertainment show in two years in the UK - and it’s easy to see why.

We’re only in January and it’s already given us some of the best TV moments of the year. From truly Oscar-worthy traitors, over the top fake funerals, a shocking secret son revelation… and an infamous poison chalice incident which made everyone shout at their screens; “Don’t drink the fizzy rosé Diane!”

We’re now down to the final episodes but there’s still two traitors in the mix, Harry has been hailed as the ultimate traitor by many, but suspicions have been raised following the golden shield bluff. Andrew seems to have been scraping by, but after Ross called him out before he was banished, are Andrew’s days numbered? Surely it’s just a matter of time until Harry turns on him anyway.

We’ll get all the answers in Friday’s 70-minute finale, when it’s revealed who has prevailed and won the cash prize, the traitors or the faithful.

El Hunt, Commissioning Editor at the Standard, and our unofficial The Traitors correspondent, discusses the standout moments of the series, explains the secret to its popularity, and shares predictions as to who will come out on top.

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The Traitors continues on BBC One on Thursday and Friday at 9pm.