The Traitors finalist Mollie explains decision to change her vote at the last minute

*Warning – Major spoilers for The Traitorsseries two finale ahead*

The second season of The Traitors drew to a close on Friday (26 January) with 22-year-old British Army engineer Harry taking home the cash prize of £95,150.

In a heart-stopping finale, Harry managed to outwit everyone by finishing as the only remaining Traitor in the group.

At the start of the final episode, Jaz, Mollie and Evie were left as the three remaining Faithfuls while Harry and Andrew were left as Traitors.

A series of votes then took place where players attempted to eliminate the remaining Traitors. First went Evie, then Andrew.

Jaz, Mollie and Harry could then decide to end the game if they believe all three of them were Faithful or vote to banish someone again if they thought there was a Traitor in their midst. If all three voted to end the game, Harry would have won as the only remaining Traitor.

Mollie in ‘The Traitors’ (BBC/Studio Lamberty/Paul Chappells)
Mollie in ‘The Traitors’ (BBC/Studio Lamberty/Paul Chappells)

However, at the last minute, Jaz voted to banish one more player, doubting Harry’s innocence. It seemed like Harry was in hot water as the camera zoomed in on Mollie writing the letter “H” on her voting slip before stopping.

She then asked Harry: “Do you promise you’re not a Traitor,” to which Harry replied: “No.”

She voted to banish Jaz, eliminating another faithful before it was eventually revealed that Harry was, in fact, a Traitor and Mollie would be receiving £0 of the prize sum

Appearing on The Traitors Uncloaked after the final aired, Mollie said she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Harry, with whom she’d become very close during the competition.

“Deep down I probably knew, but in that moment I couldn’t do it,” she said. “He played an amazing game, you have to give it to him.”

Asked whether she’d forgiven Harry after he’d double-crossed her, Mollie replied: “Oh we’re fine, I still think he’s a Faithful to be honest!”

Meanwhile, host Claudia Winkleman commented: “Mollie and Harry were so close they were like brother and sister in there. She wrote his name down, and looked at him and couldn’t do it, she was all of us at that moment.”

Harry then appeared on Uncloaked and was asked about the devastating moment he had to reveal the truth to Mollie.

“It was the hardest thing ever, when you’re in there, you’re having a blast, you’re playing the game, especially when you’re a Traitor, you’re thinking this is so good, I can be naughty and get away with it, but you start to build genuine connections,” he said.

“I believe I have that with the whole cast, but when it got to low numbers you become really close friends… it felt like we had known each other for years, when it came to the end, I wanted to say I was a Faithful so bad, just to make Mollie so happy. But I couldn’t, so it was the weirdest feeling ever honestly.”

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