Trapped Squirrel Grabs Photography Equipment to Get Hoisted to Safety

A clever squirrel in danger of drowning in Morrison, Colorado, grabbed onto a piece of equipment offered by a photographer and was hoisted to dry land, video posted on Friday, September 25, shows.

Footage recorded by photographer Christina Ardolino shows the squirrel gripping a long camera monopod and being lifted out of water near a flood wall. When the animal gets to dry land, Ardolino can be heard asking, “Are you okay, baby?” as she drys it with a cloth.

Speaking to Storyful, Ardolino said she was photographing rattlesnakes “10-15 feet away” when she heard something “splashing around” nearby. She then looked over the wall and saw the little critter doing “everything in its power to get out.”

Ardolino said, “I have a monopod that I never use … It was the only thing that could reach down to the squirrel. When it saw that I was trying to help, it grabbed onto it and held on so tight.”

Ardolino said, “When I got it on dry land, you could tell it was definitely tired from overexertion and in shock. I waited with it for about 15 minutes until it was ready to run off.” Credit: Christina Ardolino via Storyful