Travis Barker’s influencer son Landon reveals Tourette syndrome diagnosis

Travis Barker’s influencer son Landon has confirmed his diagnosis with Tourette syndrome, amid fan speculation he displayed symptoms of the condition.

The 20-year-old, who has 5.5 million followers on his verified TikTok, shared a video in which he responded to a comment asking whether he had the neurological disorder.

“I actually do have very, very minor Tourette’s,” he starts in the video, shared on another account that boasts nearly 400,000 followers. “I’ve had it since I can remember, like preschool. I remember exactly ’cause the teacher used to accuse me of rolling my eyes at her, because one of my tics was like … a weird thing I do with my eyes.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Tourette syndrome is known for triggering repetitive movements or unwanted sounds that sufferers struggle to control.

Barker said that these days, he’s more prone to moving his head in a certain direction or rolling his jaw, as he demonstrated for the camera.

“It really just acts up in nervous situations and nerve-racking environments for me. But I thought I’d just share, because, why not?” said Barker, son of the Blink-182 drummer and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

The Mayo Clinic notes that the disorder is roughly three to four times more likely to develop in males than in females.

The younger Barker also opened up to People last year about his mental health, noting he’d “always struggled with OCD, ADHD and anxiety,” but also experienced depersonalization-derealization disorder while “abusing” alcohol.

Those with the dissociative disorder feel detached from themselves and disconnected from their environment, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Depersonalization impacts one’s ability to recognize their thoughts, feelings and body as their own, triggering an out-of-body sort of experience. Derealization, meanwhile, affects how a person views their environs, in the way of color or what is and isn’t real.