Travis Kelce Says He Wishes He Could Go to the Grammys with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Says He Wishes He Could Go to the Grammys with Taylor Swift

Before we find out whether or not Taylor Swift will be at the Super Bowl, there's a bigger event on her calendar: the 2024 Grammys. Unfortunately, Travis Kelce won't be in attendance, due to his practice schedule for the Super Bowl LVIII.

"I wish I could go support Taylor at the Grammys and watch her win every single award that she's nominated for," he said on the Pat McAfee show today. "But unfortunately, I gotta get ready for this big 'ol Super Bowl that we got in a week." At the Grammys, Taylor is nominated for six awards for her album Midnights, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.

Elsewhere in the interview with McAfee, Kelce spoke about his relationship with Swift. When McAfee said he's in love, Kelce replied, "It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Hopefully everybody realizes we're just two people in a relationship supporting each other and having fun with it. However much the world wants to make us the enemy, we just have fun with it. We enjoy every single bit of it." He added, "It's been nothing but a wonderful year."

This echoes Swift's comments in her Time Person of the Year story, where she said, "When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care. The opposite of that is you have to go to an extreme amount of effort to make sure no one knows that you’re seeing someone. And we’re just proud of each other."

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