Who Is in Travis Kelce's Inner Circle? Get to Know the People in His Suite at Games

Meet the tight end's friends who cheer him on at Kansas City Chiefs games alongside Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift

<p>Jamie Squire/Getty</p>

Jamie Squire/Getty

Meet Travis Kelce's mates off the field.

The NFL star's circle of friends runs deep, with friendships dating back to childhood and working relationships formed before signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The faces in Kelce's circle have become increasingly familiar to the public throughout the 2023 football season as they've been consistently spotted cheering the 2x-Super Bowl champ on from the suite alongside his mom Donna Kelce and girlfriend Taylor Swift at games.

Aric Jones and Kumar Ferguson are among Kelce's suite staples, who are his hometown friends. “I’ve known both of them since I was five, six years old,” Kelce told Vanity Fair of his longtime pals. “It’s really easy to be yourself when you’ve got the people you grew up with around all the time.”

WSL Magazine noted in its Kelce cover story that there are specific references that only those "who know Kelce" would understand. For example, only his core group knows exactly how he likes his French toast and which sport he didn't play in high school (trick question, "he played every sport").

Suite aside, Kelce's core group is often seen with the tight end on many occasions ranging from sports-related events to other high-profile appearances away from the gridiron — like when he hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to name a few.

Read on to get to know Travis Kelce's inner circle, from his hometown friend-turned-personal chef to his famed sought-after barber.

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Aric Jones

<p>Jamie Squire/Getty</p> Taylor Swift and Aric Jones look on as the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs play in December 2023.

Jamie Squire/Getty

Taylor Swift and Aric Jones look on as the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs play in December 2023.

Aric Jones is Kelce's longtime friend, dating back to childhood. The Chiefs tight end told Vanity Fair that he's known him since "[he] was five, six years old."

The two attended high school together at Heights High in Cincinnati, though Jones graduated one year after Kelce. He went on to study at Tennessee State University.

As Jones was wrapping up school in 2014, Kelce invited him to move in with him in Kansas City. At first, Jones told the outlet that he was apprehensive that he'd be "a burden" on Kelce — but the NFL player seemingly disregarded his concern.

“I was just like, ‘Are you sure this is cool? I don’t want to be a burden on you,’” Jones told the outlet when recalling his initial conversation with Kelce. “He just sent me a picture of a bedroom and said, ‘Here’s your room. It’s waiting for you.’”

The duo lived together for two years in their early 20s before Jones relocated to Washington D.C. The distance, however, hasn't stopped him from rolling alongside his old pal — frequently supporting him at NFL games to hanging at events like Coachella.

Jones is active on social media, often posting Chiefs-related content and promoting the streetwear clothing brand Homebred Legends on Instagram.

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Patrick Regan

<p>Patrick Regan</p> Patrick Regan and Travis Kelce.

Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan and Travis Kelce.

Patrick Regan (pictured right) is Kelce's barber, who's risen to prominence due to his stacked roster of clients that include some of the biggest names in professional sports. He's famously known as "Patty Cuts," the title that doubles as his nickname and brand.

While he's now a respected and sought-after barber who often travels for the job, Regan grew up on the Northeast Philadelphia line in Rockledge, Montgomery County. He is a 2006 graduate of La Salle College High School.

Regan has created a recognizable brand for himself, notable for his personalized hair-fading services that can cost anywhere between several hundred dollars to more than $1,000 depending on travel.

The Philly native is now based in Florida but has reportedly flown out for a few games. In addition to the Chiefs tight end, he's worked with Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson and Grammy-winner Diddy.

Kumar Ferguson

<p>Gerardo Flores/Instagram</p>

Gerardo Flores/Instagram

Kumar Ferguson (pictured left) is another one of Kelce's childhood friends, who grew up in Ohio alongside the NFL star and his longtime pal Jones. The Cleveland native rose to prominence as Kelce's personal chef.

“Growing up, I would cook for all the bros after we’d be hanging out all day,” Ferguson (who's simply known as "Chef Ku") told Kansas City Magazine in January 2024. “That kitchen table hangout has always been a center for all of us. We have definitely carried that tradition with us.”

Ferguson drove trucks for six years before getting a call from Kelce, who asked his pal for help with his diet in 2016. Although Ferguson didn't have any professional kitchen experience prior, he accepted the request.

“I flew out four days later and we haven’t looked back since,” Ferguson — who's nourished Kelce through practices, games and two Super Bowls — told the magazine, which reported the tight end eats over 4,000 calories on those super active days.

“It’s fun, but I do take it seriously,” Ferguson told Startland News in September 2023, adding, “just knowing that I can have some type of impact on his health. I try to just bring my best to that to make sure he’s equipped on the field and fueled up.”

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Patrick Bacon

<p>Ross Travis/Instagram</p> Ross Travis and Patrick Bacon.

Ross Travis/Instagram

Ross Travis and Patrick Bacon.

Patrick Bacon (pictured right) is part of Kelce's OG group of friends having known him since the first grade. While he's often seen cheering for the Super Bowl winner from the suite at games, he's also there for the NFL star off the field, too.

In Kelce's November 2023 WSL Magazine cover story, Bacon said Kelce’s preferred way to wind down after a hard game or long day is to sit with his “core group” around his kitchen island and chop it up. "Talk, that’s what nourishes Kelce, not video games, not bottle service at some club," the outlet notes.

“He loves to talk about the old days,” Bacon said, especially with longtime friends who share the same memories and experiences.

Ross Travis

<p>George Gojkovich/Getty Images</p> Ross Travis of the Kansas City Chiefs in October 2016.

George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Ross Travis of the Kansas City Chiefs in October 2016.

Ross Travis, known by "Boss Travis" on Instagram, is another one of Kelce's close friends who's often seen supporting him from the suite at football games. He, too, knows his way around a professional football field.

In 2015, Travis signed to the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad as an undrafted free agent. Interestingly, he played college basketball at Penn State (not college football)!

Travis penned a heartfelt message to the Chiefs on Instagram after his three years with the team. "Playing at Arrowhead is an experience I’ll never forget, thank you for being the best fans we could ever ask for and showing up each and every game to cheer your asses off!" he wrote in part in November 2017.

Following his Kansas City departure, Travis spent time with other NFL teams including the New York Jets and Detroit Lions. According to his Instagram, he now spends time traveling and riding alongside Kelce in his squad.

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Aaron and André A. Eanes

<p>Kristina Bumphrey/Sportico via Getty</p> Aaron Eanes and André Eanes at Sportico Influence 2023.

Kristina Bumphrey/Sportico via Getty

Aaron Eanes and André Eanes at Sportico Influence 2023.

Aaron Eanes and his brother, André, are Kelce's business managers. While there are many players on the NFL star's team off the field, the Eanes are among the captains.

The brotherly duo has been part of Kelce's rise to "celebrity" stardom from the beginning — yes, even before Swift was involved. André was introduced to him through Kelce's college roommate, who was a childhood friend of his.

“He was always the life of the party,” André told the New York Times of Kelce. “Everyone wanted to go hang out with Travis.”

He and Aaron went on to become co-founders of A&A Management, of which Kelce became their second client. The brothers still run the company today, managing Kelce's portfolio of 28 investments.

"TRAVIS KELCE MAKES US ALL PROUD ‼️" André wrote on his Instagram in August 2023.

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