Trooping the Colour 2024: When is the celebration and what is the parade route?

The Princess of Wales has spent a week in hospital following a planned abdominal operation (Adam Davy/PA) (PA Archive)
The Princess of Wales has spent a week in hospital following a planned abdominal operation (Adam Davy/PA) (PA Archive)

Rumours are swirling about the Princess of Wales’ attendance at this year’s Trooping the Colour, potentially making it her first official royal duty to be announced since she underwent surgery in January.

While Kensington Palace confirmed that Princess Catherine would not be taking part in the final dress rehearsal for the King's birthday celebrations on June 8, it did not rule out her attending the main event on June 15.Reports regarding the Princess's condition have been quite inconsistent. On the one hand, it's been said that she might not take up her royal duties again until 2025 and that she's been informed that before going back into the public eye, she needed the royal doctors' approval.

On the other hand, according to People magazine, she had been seen running errands around Sandringham.

The King, who was also diagnosed with cancer, has said that he will attend this year, but he will ride in a carriage instead of a horse.

But what is Trooping the Colour actually all about? Here are the key details.

What is Trooping the Colour?

Trooping the Colour is an annual event, always taking place in summer, to celebrate the reigning monarch’s birthday.

A King or Queen has two birthdays a year - one in June and their other, personal, date of birth. King Charles III’s actual birthday is on November 14, and last year he turned 75.

The annual summertime celebration to mark a monarch’s birthday has taken place since 1748 when it started with King George II.

The Trooping the Colour event takes place in June, due to more favourable weather, and is a parade through the streets of the capital.

Military personnel including more than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and hundreds of army musicians will march in the parade under the watchful eye of the reigning King.

When is Trooping the Colour?

The event will take place on Saturday, June 15, and will be done by the Regiment of the Household Division and the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

Each year, a different Regiment is paraded at the Trooping the Colour - and each Regiment has a Colonel at the helm, who is normally either a member of the Royal Family or a senior officer within the British Army.

The Colonel of the Regiment for the Household Division is King Charles III.

On Saturday, June 8, the Princess of Wales was set to attend a Trooping the Colour review. However, the Palace confirmed on May 30 that she would not be attending. Instead, former Commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Lieutenant General James Bucknall took the honour of taking the salute during the review.

Who is attending Trooping the Colour?

It has been confirmed that King Charles and Queen Camilla will be attending.

According to Rebecca English, The Daily Mail's Royal Editor, Prince of Wales, Prince Edward, Princess Anne will be in attendance.

It is not currently known whether the Princess of Wales will be attending.

While recovering at home from chemotherapy, Middleton continues to abstain from public royal duties, and won't go back until her medical team give the all-clear, as previously confirmed by the palace.

Where is the parade route?

The parade is the same every year and first will see King Charles travel down The Mall from Buckingham Palace by carriage.

The King then rides back to the Palace and watches the parade from the balcony alongside other working royals.

Troops march past, with the route going from Buckingham Palace along The Mall to Horse Guards Parade, and back again.

The ballot closed on March 24, with successful entries selected and notified by March 26.

Standing and wheelchair tickets have also sold out.

Those without tickets are advised to choose a spot on The Mall or on the edge of St James’s Park overlooking Horse Guards to watch the parade from the sidelines.

The event is scheduled to start around 10am, with the fly-past at 1pm.

The parade is also broadcast live on the BBC.