We Can't Stop Watching This Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of The Bridgerton Cast Dancing To Beyoncé In Full Costume

Season three of Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix
Season three of Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

Bridgerton star Emma Naomi has revealed exactly how she and her co-stars kept the fun going behind the scenes of the hit series.

After the second half of season three began streaming on Netflix last week, Emma – who plays Alice Mondrichin in all three seasons of Bridgerton – posted a behind-the-scenes clip of several cast members enjoying themselves during downtime on set.

In the video, a host of her co-stars (led by Claudia Jessie) could be seen doing some choreo to Beyoncé’s hit Cuff It – all while still dressed in their period regalia.

“Yes Eloise,” she captioned the clip, before crediting “dance master Lord Cho” Caleb Obediah for teaching the group the moves.

As if that wasn’t enough, Caleb then posted his own cut of the scene, featuring even more Bridgerton cast members, with even season three lead Nicola Coughlan getting in on the fun.

And if the stars of acclaimed Netflix shows busting a move in full costume is your thing, then we’ve got another clip you’re going to love.

Back in 2020, Olivia Colman led the cast of The Crown in a choreographed routine to Lizzo’s Good As Hell, which was later shared publicly once her final season as Queen Elizabeth II was up on the streaming platform.

“Olivia apparently does a dance class in the area that she lives with a bunch of friends, on a regular basis,” co-star Gillian Anderson told US talk show host Seth Meyers of the clip back in 2021. “And the last time she did the class, they had danced to that Lizzo song.

“She asked if we would happen to be interested in maybe doing it, and she would video it. And then she would just share it only with her friends ― the other dancers. So it was never meant to see the light of day,” she explained. “And yet here we are!”