A tropical system headed toward Myrtle Beach, SC. What are chances of a storm for area?

There is a tropical system building off the coast of South Carolina that is expected to hit the state within the next week, according to former National Weather Service meteorologist Rocco Calaci.

The chances of the tropical low reaching the Myrtle Beach area is slim, said National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Bacon. There is a 10% chance of a storm hitting Myrtle Beach within the next two days and a 20% chance of it hitting in the next seven days.

The storm was looking to hit the South Carolina and North Carolina border Monday night but now appears more south, headed to the South Carolina and Georgia border. Where the tropical low hits, there will be heavy rain, thunderstorms and winds up to 25 mph, Calaci said.

In the Myrtle Beach area, Bacon said to watch out for rip currents for the next three to five days. There are currently moderate rip currents, but Bacon said that will likely increase to high.