Trump calls Gavin Newsom ‘bulls—‘

Former President Trump on Sunday dug into California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), arguing he is “so much bullshit” when asked how he would do up against the governor in a hypothetical match-up for the presidency.

“Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo, during an interview with Trump that aired Sunday, pointed out the former president’s belief he may not face off against President Biden in the general election and asked him whom he could face off with instead.

Trump said he “really [doesn’t] know,” before Bartiromo suggested Newsom and asked how the former president would perform against him.

“I’ll tell you what … he’s so much bullshit,” Trump said. “He wants to say how wonderful … it’s doing horribly. His state is doing horribly. You look at the homeless problem, you look at the people that are leaving. You have companies that are leaving, they are all leaving for other locations.”

The former president added that Newsom is “easy” because “California is a disaster.”

“He has been a horrible governor,” Trump continued.

The Hill reached out to Newsom’s office for comment.

Newsom has repeatedly denied the ongoing speculation that he might run in the 2024 White House race, and last month he claimed he will “go to the ends of the earth” for Biden.

Newsom is expected to stump for Biden’s reelection campaign in Nevada and California.

The California governor has not held back his comments about Trump, stating last week that the former president is “damaged goods.”

“He can’t be beaten in a primary, but in a general election, I think he’s the most flawed candidate in my lifetime,” Newsom said in an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. “He is not as entertaining as he once was. He’s more unhinged than he ever was, more extreme, obviously more dangerous across the spectrum of issues.”

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