'Are you trying to f*** my husband?': Sharon Osbourne recalls confrontation from Whitney Houston

Sharon Osbourne has claimed the late Whitney Houston accused her of trying to "f***" Bobby Brown.

The 71-year-old matriarch has been married to Ozzy Osbourne since 1982 but she recalled an incident 20 years ago when the late 'I Will Always Love You' singer - who died in 2012 aged 48 - accused her of flirting with her then-husband while they prepared to record 2003 TV special 'Divas Duets'.

Speaking on 'The Osbournes Podcast', Sharon said: “I was hosting the [‘Divas Duets’] for VH1, and I was at sound check, and Whitney was up on stage doing her sound check.

“Her little girl [Bobbi Kristina] obviously liked watching ‘The Osbournes’ and she came up and sat next to me. Gorgeous little thing. And then suddenly her dad came and sat the other side of me, Bobby.”

Sharon recalled how Whitney was singing on the stage when the track stopped, prompting the singer to call out to her.

She said: “And she goes, ‘Mrs. Osbourne, are you trying to f*** my husband?’ "

The former 'Talk' host told Whitney: "I promise you, I’m not interested in your husband. I’m married.”

She added: “And I’m like, ‘No, no, please, I’m not!’ I went running down the aisle, and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, you don’t understand! No, no, no, I wasn’t.’”

The 'I Have Nothing' singer then asked to see Sharon's wedding ring, which the outspoken star "threw" at her.

She said: “I gave her the ring, threw it at her. I said, ‘I promise you, I’m not interested in your husband. I’m married.’ And then she goes, ‘Alright then. OK.'”

Whitney and Bobby married in 1992, a year before their daughter Bobbi Kristina was born.

Tragically, three years after the 'Bodyguard' star died in the bath of her hotel suite, her daughter suffered a similar fate, and passed away in July 2015 aged 22, six months after she was placed in a medically-induced coma after she was also found unresponsive in the tub.