Tucker Carlson Launches His Own Network, And It's Gonna Cost Ya

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has branched out again, going live Monday with his Tucker Carlson Network.

The streaming platform costs $9 a month or $72 for a year ― all in the name of, ahem, stopping the “propaganda spiral,” the network says on its website.

“News coverage in the West has become a tool of repression and control,” the site says. “Reporters no longer reveal essential information to the public; they work to hide it.”

Carlson already has a free show on X, which he started shortly after getting canned by Fox News despite being its top-rated personality.

His new venture’s logo is a white “TCN” in what resembles a red pill.

The website promises “exclusive new content,” including monologues and interviews. Carlson pondered operating TCN through X (née Twitter), but Elon Musk’s outfit couldn’t quickly accommodate a subscription service, The Wall Street Journal reported.

At first peek on Monday, the TCN website featured “must-see videos” with UFC CEO Dana White and Kid Rock.

“Facts and honesty every day,” Carlson pledges in the intro clip.

The final pitch to get you to sign up is a humdinger, considering Carlson’s penchant for racism, conspiracy theories and white nationalist talking points on Fox News.

“We are the sworn enemies of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink,” the network declares. “We believe the corporate media is broken beyond repair, and the only way forward is to build something better. If this sounds like you, too, then join us today.”

About that lying thing: Carlson invited one of the premier prevaricators on his X show last week. Only he treated the words of notorious Infowars host and Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones like the gospel for 90 minutes.

If Carlson were to become Donald Trump’s running mate, a possibility that has been reported, the far-right personality would have another outlet to report on politics up close and personal.

Not to mention with “facts and honesty every day.”