Tumbler Ridge woman wins $10M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

Grandmother Vivienne Mills got quite the surprise earlier this month when she opened an email from PlayNow.com announcing she had just won $10 million. 

The longtime Tumbler Ridge resident initially thought the email said that she had won 10 cents, but as her eyes scanned to the left and started to see all of the zeros, she realized it was actually $10 million.

"Honestly, I'm still in shock," said Mills.

She's been having trouble processing the news, even after Lotto 6/49 confirmed she was the winner.

"We're overwhelmed, the whole family," Mills told Daybreak Kamloops' Jenifer Norwell.

"We're pretty simple people and we're not extravagant. We're pretty down to earth, so I'm sure some things will change in our world but nothing major."

Mills has lived in Tumbler Ridge for 35 years. Her husband was a driller in the mine, and she worked 14 years in accounting and reception.

"We've made good friends and I'm hoping to still keep those good friends and give back."

No rash decisions

Up until Tuesday, Mills said they had kept the news within the family to keep things as normal as possible.

She and her husband plan to give money to their children, grandchildren and siblings.

"We've already checked with our bank and somebody else, and then I think we'll just sit back and take it all in," she said.

Jenifer Norwell/CBC

"We'll never do anything rash. So, I think we've been given good advice, so we'll go with that."

Her only spending plans so far are to buy a smaller car, because she drives a big truck right now and to purchase a motor home.

"I hope that the family, and [I], can stay in the real world. That's what I want,"  said Mills. 

'Something to do'

Mills has been buying lottery tickets for about two years.

"Everybody wants to win the big one, right? It's just something to do," said Mills.

"If you go into it with your last paycheque and think that you need to win this, then you probably shouldn't be playing. If you're just in it for the fun of it, and you've got a little extra cash then go for it. That's my idea."