Two more ancient skeletons found in Italy's Pompeii

STORY: Two more skeletons have been found in

the ancient Roman city of Pompeii

which was wiped out by the eruption of

Mount Vesuvius nearly 2,000 years ago

Archeologists say the human remains

are most likely that of two men in their 50s

(Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Director of Pompeii Archeological Park)

"Today we can investigate with microstratigraphy the exact cause of the death. In this case, it was not caused during the last phase of the eruption and the arrival of pyroclastic flows and extremely hot ash. In this case, the death was caused by the collapses, we see pieces of wall on the victims that have several fractures that are the result of both the weight of the lapilli on the roofs and ceilings and the result of the earthquake following the eruption. In recent years, we have seen the strength and violence of these seismic events following the eruption of Vesuvius."

The city was once home to about 13,000 people

Over the past two and a half centuries, the remains

of more than 1,300 victims have been recovered