UK General Election 2024

 The Week Junior.
The Week Junior.

Rishi Sunak has called a surprise general election for 4 July declaring that "now is the moment for Britain to choose its future".

The upcoming weeks will see political debate intensify, as parties jostle for position, and politicians shout to get their voices heard. In households across the country, many families will discuss the ins and outs of the election, who they might vote for, and what the different outcomes could mean for the future.

It’s a lot for children to take in. And it's their future we are all shaping. 

A chance to inspire our children

Our children are likely to have lots of questions about what’s happening - what an election means, who the key players are, what their parties want.  They may not get a vote, but it's important for them to understand what's happening so they are empowered to get involved when their time comes.

More than this, understanding democracy and its core values is a huge opportunity. A general election is a chance to see this in action - a chance to inspire our children and show them that coming together, debating topics, and campaigning for what you believe in can really make a difference.

Making sense of it all

Over the coming weeks, The Week Junior will explain what’s happening, taking on the complex and confusing bits and making them clear, accessible, and interesting. Jargon will be busted, tricky parts of the process will be broken down, and the key players introduced.

The Week Junior
The Week Junior

We will also use it as an opportunity to involve readers and help them develop essential life skills - such as learning to debate and how to express their views, as well as giving them a chance to share the issues that are most important to them.

The Week Junior magazine covers
The Week Junior magazine covers

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