Ukraine Mercilessly Mocks Steven Seagal Over Russia Military Report

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense mocked Michigan-born Russian citizen Steven Seagal after the action-movie actor reportedly promoted the teaching of martial arts to Russian military recruits.

“It’s been reported that Russia has recruited Steven Seagal to teach martial arts to its soldiers,” the Ukraine government agency wrote on Twitter Thursday.

“Rumor has it that the Seagal-style running technique will be included in the training,” it continued. “Russian soldiers will now be able to run away from their positions with weird hand motions.”

The swipe at the “Under Siege” actor came as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dragged into its 14th month.

Seagal became a Russian citizen in 2016.

The actor and director has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as “one of the greatest living world leaders, joined a pro-Putin political party and even been named as Moscow’s goodwill ambassador to the U.S.

Seagal has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, including rape. Seagal has denied the allegations.