Ukrainian soldiers adopt freezing puppy who now stands guard for them

In the middle of all the fighting, there was a moment when the kindness of Ukrainian soldiers won everyone’s heart.

In a video shared widely, Ukrainian soldiers were seen bringing in a puppy standing outside alone in the cold.

In the minute-long video, soldiers, who named the pup, can be heard saying, “He is our protector, right Rambo?”

“We felt sorry for him. It was freezing outside,” they added.

“We took him into our post, and he stayed with us,” the soldiers said.

The tiny black pup, with a streak of white on his belly, was seen wagging its tail.

“He is our security. That is his job,” a soldier told the camera as the reporter was heard laughing.

“He is our watchdog,” said another soldier as the puppy scampered about. The puppy now “stands guard” outside their post.

And the dog was reportedly doing its job well.

“He can hear very well if there is a stranger nearby,” a soldier said. “Rambo is doing hecking good job! Best doggo,” said another soldier.

The video was shared on Reddit and several other social media platforms, where users gushed over Rambo.

One user said: “The Polish had Wojtek, the Ukrainians have Rambo.”

Wojtek was a 600-pound brown bear adopted by the 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division in the Polish 2nd Corps. It was reported that Wojtek served as a morale booster to the troops during World War II and became a WWII hero.