Who Is The Undertaker’s Wife? All About WWE Star Michelle McCool

The Undertaker made an impression on his wife, Michelle McCool, before they met

<p>Chris Leduc/Icon Sportswire/Getty</p> The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in December 2023

Chris Leduc/Icon Sportswire/Getty

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in December 2023

The Undertaker has been married to his wife, Michelle McCool, since 2010.

The Undertaker, born Mark Calaway, is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. He retired in 2020 after more than 33 years in the ring.

His wife was a wrestler, too: McCool began her wrestling career in 2004 before retiring in 2011 — though she’s made occasional wrestling appearances since then.

The Undertaker has often kept his personal life private, but in a 2019 interview with Ed Young he fought back tears as he discussed his wife. He said, ”Somehow or another, I met ... I’m getting a little choked up, she's awesome."

He admitted that he broke his own rule of not dating people he works with. Meanwhile, McCool was reluctant to date him at first due to his fearsome reputation. “Finally, she realized that I was not Satan. So we ended up dating,” he said.

Since then, they've been married for more than a decade and have welcomed two children together.

So who is The Undertaker’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Michelle McCool and her relationship with the WWE legend.

She was born in Florida

<p>Michelle McCool Instagram </p> Michelle McCool as a kid with her mother

Michelle McCool Instagram

Michelle McCool as a kid with her mother

McCool was born in the city of Palatka, Fla., to Terry and Jenny McCool in 1980. She also has an older brother, Jeff. According to an interview on the WWE website, she played softball at school and thrives on competition.

She was a big fan of professional wrestling growing up, too, and could do Ric Flair’s signature maneuver by age 7. She told the St. Augustine Record in 2010 that she was allowed to stay up late to watch WWE on TV with her father and grandfather.

McCool stayed in her home state for college. She first went to Florida State University, where she got a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and then attended University of North Florida, where she earned a master’s degree in educational leadership.

She taught middle school science

<p>Michael Tran/FilmMagic</p> Michelle McCool in 2009

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Michelle McCool in 2009

McCool began teaching seventh-grade science at Jenkins Middle School while working on her master’s degree, according to an interview with the St. Augustine Record. She told the outlet that she taught science for four years and enjoyed the experience.

She explained in a WWE interview that both of her parents were educators, and she wasn’t interested in following suit at first, but after working as a substitute teacher for a day, she was intrigued and it became a permanent job.

“Being around kids, teaching them both inside and outside the classroom — I just loved it,” she said.

Outside of the classroom, McCool has also worked as a personal trainer and taught gymnastics and kickboxing.

She was a professional wrestler

<p>Gaye Gerard/Getty</p> Michelle McCool in 2008

Gaye Gerard/Getty

Michelle McCool in 2008

McCool began her WWE career in 2004, first entering the WWE Diva Search — she told the St. Augustine Record that she didn’t tell anybody she was putting her name into consideration.

While she was eliminated in the Diva Search, WWE still signed her, and she began appearing on SmackDown. She then went to two WWE developmental facilities before returning to SmackDown in 2006, while she’s also participated in RAW and the Women’s Championship.

McCool wore crosses on her WWE uniform to display her Christian beliefs, according to the St. Augustine Record. She described the WWE as “such a platform to reach out to millions and millions of people” and hopefully make a difference.

She retired from WWE in 2011, but she’s made occasional appearances, including in WWE’s The Bump, when she celebrated the 30th anniversary of her husband’s career.

She and The Undertaker married in 2010

<p>Michelle McCool Instagram</p> The Undertaker and Michelle McCool take a selfie in 2023

Michelle McCool Instagram

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool take a selfie in 2023

McCool married The Undertaker on June 16, 2010, in Houston.

Despite their eventual nuptials, when she first joined WWE, there were two wrestlers she didn’t want to meet: Kane and his in-story half-brother, The Undertaker.

She explained to Digital Spy in 2020 that The Undertaker isn’t the “most inviting person” from a WWE fan’s perspective, and she didn’t want to be introduced to him. After overcoming this first impression, McCool started seeing a different side of the fellow WWE star.

"I knew his personality a little bit before we actually started dating but it still took time for me to warm up to the idea,” she told the outlet. Still, after a while she agreed to go on a date, and they’ve been together ever since.

They have a blended family

Brent Humphreys The Undertaker and Michelle McCool with their daughter in 2020
Brent Humphreys The Undertaker and Michelle McCool with their daughter in 2020

The Undertaker and McCool are parents to two children together: daughter, Kaia Faith, and son, Kolt.

She’s also stepmother to The Undertaker’s three children from his previous two marriages: son, Gunnar Vincent, with his first wife Jodi Lynn, and two daughters, Chasey and Gracie, with his second wife Sara Frank.

She’s involved in charity work

<p>The Undertaker Instagram</p> The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in 2018

The Undertaker Instagram

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in 2018

The Undertaker and McCool have been advocates for CC4C, a Texas-based charity that helps children with rare and/or undiagnosed medical conditions, while they’ve also done charity work through the WWE.

She has also been involved in the Special Olympics and the Texas Advocacy Project.

She always looks out for The Undertaker

<p>Michelle McCool Instagram</p> The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in 2019

Michelle McCool Instagram

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in 2019

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2020, McCool described watching The Undertaker in the ring as “scary.”

“No injury is easy to watch,” she said, “But then knowing it's your husband is a whole different story. That just adds a whole other level to it.”

She elaborated that she finds watching him scarier than being in the ring herself, but that at the same time, she loves to watch him perform. McCool explained, “It's hard emotionally, it's hard physically, but that's what you do when you love somebody.”

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