Unflappable Wildlife Carer Lets Bear Lick His Fingers and Face

Jenny the bear and Jim Kowalczik, a world-class bear whisperer, were caught snuggling in this footage recorded in the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, on September 17.

Fellow staffer Kerry Clair recorded the footage and posted it to the YouTube page of the Orphaned Wildlife Center on September 19 with the caption, “Jenny snuggling with her own teddy bear.”

Clair told Storyful, “Jenny is a 15-year-old Syrian brown bear that is a part of the Orphaned Wildlife Center.” She also said that “Jenny especially loves to cuddle with Jim.”

The center is situated on 110 acres of land. According to its website, its goal is to care for animals so they can be released back into the wild.

But in cases such as Jenny’s, where the animals cannot be released back into the wild, they are provided with long-term care and companionship, under the management of Jim and Susan Kowalczik, according to Clair.

Storyful cannot advise on the use of music in the clip. Credit: Kerry Clair via Storyful